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$ 13 /mo.
150 credits /mo.

Limited to 3K resolution

$ 150 /mo.
2500 credits /mo.

Up to 30 users

$ 144 /yr.
150 credits /mo.

Limited to 3K resolution

$ 1560 /yr.
2500 credits /mo.

Up to 30 users

Frequently Asked Questions

Each individual map will cost one credit. So a material with a diffuse, glossy and displacement map would cost 3 credits. Most full materials contain 4-6 maps.
Lite users can only download materials up to 3K in size, but Gold users have no restrictions. They can download 4K, 6K and anything above. Some even as high as 24K!
Currently they do not. Your credits will reset at the start of each new monthly payment cycle.
Yes, however the two exceptions are that 1. you cannot redistribute the model as a material pack (eg. as a Unity material pack), or 2. distribute the model under Creative Commons or any Open Source license, as these are incompatible with our license.
Yes! Once you've downloaded them, you can use them forever. However all usage must fall within our terms and conditions. Please view the full FAQ for details.

I've searched for textures on numerous sites, and Poliigon has the best possible textures in the industry right now. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve photorealistic results.

Michael Rizzo
Production Designer in Training

We know the importance of a sharp photo. So you'll find all our textures are tack sharp, even when you zoom in to 100%.

Forget the blurry, low-resolution textures on other sites. Most of our textures are available in 4-6K, and some even as high as 24K!

I was skeptical at first, but after downloading a few of their high res textures I can say that Poliigon truly is worth it.

Luca Tietto
Freelance Artist

Say goodbye to third party software... All maps are provided for every material.

Our texture experts have created the normal, roughness/gloss, displacement and reflection maps so you don't have to.

Simply download the maps, and load them in any 3D package for immediate photorealism.

As a member you'll be able to look forward to a new material pack released every month. Our material team chooses a theme (eg. wood), brainstorms ideas, experiments, creates, and finally tests the new materials. The final materials will arrive in your inbox each month, ready for download. See our past releases.

Poliigon is a huge timesaver! I no longer need third-party texture software, because all the maps are already included. This allows me to focus on my art without getting bogged down in unnecessary texture generation. So I would recommend Poliigon to every artist.

Nick Brunner
Freelancer, LA

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