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We are developing a brand new plugin for Cinema 4D. This plugin will let you browse, purchase, and download Poliigon assets all without ever leaving Cinema 4D. Submit your interest here to partake in the upcoming Alpha!

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3 Reasons to use our Cinema 4D Plugin

#1: No more browser

The power to search, download and import Poliigon assets from inside Cinema 4D.

#2: One-click import

Say goodbye to tedious setups and complicated import settings. This addon does it for you in one-click.

#3: Try before you buy

Aren’t sure if the texture is right? Click the preview icon on any texture to see it temporarily applied to the selected object.

Cinema 4D Material Converter

While you wait for the Cinema 4D Plugin, try our Cinema 4D Material Converter which automatically creates materials out of your texture maps.

Cinema 4D Material Converter

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