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The Cinema 4D plugin puts 3,000+ models, materials and HDRIs at your fingertips. Search, download and import without leaving Cinema 4D.

Download Cinema 4D Plugin For Cinema 4D 2023-2024.4, updated 7 June 2024
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3 Reasons to use our Cinema 4D Plugin

#1: No more browser

The power to search, download and import Poliigon assets from inside Cinema 4D.

#2: One-click import

Say goodbye to tedious setups and complicated import settings. This plugin does it for you in one-click.

#3: Try before you buy

Aren’t sure if the texture is right? Click the preview icon on any texture to see it temporarily applied to the selected object.

Documentation & Tutorials

Learn how to install and use the Poliigon Cinema 4D Plugin.

Cinema 4D Plugin Docs

Poliigon Cinema 4D Plugin Changelog

Friday, June 7, 2024

v0.8.0 - Cinema 4D beta

Supports Cinema 4D 2023+, tested on 2023, 2024.4 (OSX/Windows)
  • Improvements
    • Providing forward compatible looking changes for upcoming asset downloads
  • Critical Fix:
    • We resolved a critical bug which led to the extension interface not loading. This could have happened if you used the plugin between ~May 28th and 31st, due to wrong API data being cached to disk and causing the plugin to fail the next time C4D opened.
    • Simply updating should resolve this problem, be sure to restart after the install
  • Fixes
    • Improved HDRI loading when there are user manipulated sky objects
    • The correct minimum plugin version is now defined, C4D 2023
    • Improves the loading and assignments of materials for some model assets
    • Improved importing model assets with variants, such that each variant correctly gets its own unique material instance
    • Fixed plugin not registering if Redshift is missing
  • Non user impacting change: Swapped to a self-hosted reporting backend and included active render engine in reports, for users who opt into sharing error/usage details
Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024

v0.7.2 - Cinema 4D beta

Supports Cinema 4D 2023+, tested on 2023, 2024.4 (OSX/Windows)
  • Improvements
    • Indicate assets purchased but not-yet local with a gray checkmark, so that local assets with a green checkmark are easier to identify
    • Added signal to remotely inform how an initiated download completed, so we may better monitor and improve asset download reliability
    • Improved readme installation instructions contained inside the plugin download
  • Fixes
    • Resolved issues with loading and rendering materials in Octane
    • Resolved importing issues in C4D 2024.4, which would potentially cause incorrect material loading in V-Ray and Arnold due to new user C4D render preferences
    • Resolved issue where notification header area could be rendered as a black bar
    • Resolved an error which could occur when displaying total asset balance
    • Resolved not downloading next closest resolution if the given asset being downloaded doesn't have a resolution exactly matching the one specified in plugin preferences
    • Resolved issue where sometimes asset URLs would not open correctly
    • Resolved issue where sometimes using the top-right refresh button could corrupt some data
Thursday, Mar 21, 2024

v0.7.1 - Cinema 4D beta

Supports Cinema 4D 2023+, tested on 2023, 2024 (OSX/Windows)
  • Improvements
    • Integrate checks for update with one-click update installation. Next time an update is available, users will be notified in the header of the plugin with a link to the changelogs as well.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed loading materials onto some model assets like PlantMonstera001, which would sometimes result in unhandled errors. Note: Some older model assets such as this Monstera may still have inconsistently rotated meshes, we are working to resolve these issues through asset updates.
    • More stable handling of missing thumbnails on server. Previously, a missing thumbnail could have rendered the UI much slower or even caused crashing, now it will gracefully move past the asset with any problems, and better yet, fall back to downloading the next best thumbnail.
Thursday March 13th, 2024

v0.7.0 - Cinema 4D beta

Supports Cinema 4D 2023+, tested on OSX/Windows 2023 and 2024
  • New features
    • In addition to Redshift, fully implemented Octane, Redshift, V-Ray, and Arnold support
    • In addition to textures, implemented HDRI and Model importing support
      • The plugin now uses FBX to avoid re-downloads when changing render engine. Importing models from c4d files is currently not supported, as shader layouts are outdated and not using the metalness workflow yet.
    • Improved call to action when encountering purchasing issues
  • Fixes
    • Reduction of button flicker
  • Pre-existing alpha features:
    • Purchase, download, and import assets with Redshift
    • Browse and navigate all assets on the website
    • View your account information and plan
    • Open assets on the website or reveal their local location

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